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Chamber of Commerce article on “Restoration of historical monuments – saving history”, July 2014 (de)

Quelle: IHK – WNA

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German Foundation of Heritage Protection Academy: Paradigm Changes in heritage conservation, 2014

140320 – Paradigm changes, Herodion Royal Chamber Project

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KOINNO – Innovation database Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, February 2014 (de)

Date of publication: 06.02.2014 Theme / Technology Field: Construction Project development status: market maturity Link to the database: Download PDF: System for re-insulation, draining, decontamination, desalination of buildings and historical frescoes

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Press release: “Drytronic – Revolution in heritage restorations”, December 2013

Download the PDF Drytronic PM 13-12-13

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Presentation / lecture at conference & Afeka on energy efficiency, Herodion, Tel Aviv, November 2013

131118 – EnEff Presentation Tel Aviv

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Presentation on Energy Efficiency in Tel Aviv, November 2011

“Only a dry house is a good house” or: “Dont ask the frog to get the pond drained!” PDF: Workshop Tel Aviv 2011 2,3MB

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Renovation / restructuring success Porto de la Cruz – Tenerife, Canary Isles, Spain, 2010

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Certificate – German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, December 2008

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Reference from an installation in early 1995, Paris, France, 2006 (fr)

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Final Academy report: Film Academy Ludwigsburg preservation / conservation success, March 2003 (de)

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